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"From Average To                                                         "     with Angela Brand

If you are struggling with developing the qualities needed to be a transformational speaker, then this training is for you.

6 Qualities Video Series-Intro
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Now that you have your free six qualities to be a transformational speaker, are you ready for something else that is totally                                                             ?


I created The F.I.R.E. Speakers Academy to help women like you confidently walk on any stage and kill it! And show them how to get paid to be yourself ASAP! 

For years, people have said, "you make speaking look easy",


How do you do it? How do you speak in a powerful way?

I'm going to share my secrets with you and pour my soul to train you on how I was able to walk off my job and be in a career I love.

All that in a 8 Module Training the button to register for the next training.

And just because you are on the path of becoming a Transformational Speaker, I want to offer you an additional $200 off the training. 

Use coupon code: EBOOK

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