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It's time to get started by registering for training to become a Certified Fire Speaker!

if that is you join the


Sign UP NOW for ONLY $897 or

50%off if you are apart of The Fire Girl Network!

 Walk in Your Calling & Learn How to OWN the Stage!

All trainings are digital and you need a Trello Board account to access your course!

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Have you been struggling with having the confidence to speak and don't know where to start?

I am nervous to speak in front of a crowd..... 

Learn how to own the stage and push past fear and nervous.

I have so many things to talk about I don't know what to decide..... 

Learn how to narrow down your topics and find your niche.

My mind goes blank and I forget what it say....

Learn how to keep focus and stay on topic.

I say um a lot..... 

I got you. Learn the techniques I use and taught my student that will stop it.

I don't know how to put together a speech....

Learn a simple but powerful tool in putting together impactful speech.

I don't think if am I qualified to be a speaker....

Learn how your mess becomes your message and why.


Sign UP NOW for ONLY $897 or

50%off if you are apart of The Fire Girl Network!

    Learn How to Speak with CONFIDENCE & Clarity!

All trainings are digital and you need a Trello Board account to access your course!


I understand. Been there, done ALL of that.

now I want to help you

Starting out on your own as a speaker is hard and there are so many challenges you will face along the way.

But after a decade....

I finally see the value in my experiences and learned the ways to get on stages an Impactful Speaker.

I created The F.I.R.E. Speakers Academy to help you confidently overcome obstacles and get you on stage and get paid to be yourself ASAP! 

For  years, people have said, "you make speaking look easy",


How do you do it? How do you speak in a powerful way?

I'm going to share proven techniques with you and pour my soul to train you on how I was able to walk off my job and be in a career I love.

In a matters of weeks....

You can go from being overlooked to being booked to speak. 

If you're an entrepreneur, author, coach, influencer or currently speaking you already have the potential to be successful, you just need your F.I.R.E. to be Ignited!


It's time to set the world on F.I.R.E., set a trail for others to follow your legacy and turn your Mess into a Money Making Message!


What's really Fire?


I'm giving you the blueprint I used to get there.


NOW, Let's Set Ablaze!  


"Did you know Motivational Speakers

Get Paid An Average of $1,500 -$ 5,000 PER GIG?"


what is the
.I.R.E. Speaker Academy

The F.I.R.E Speakers Academy is your A-Z blueprint to learn what it takes to be an Impact Speaker. You will learn how to get into events and conferences to make a great impact while getting paid to be yourself, get booked consistently, even if you don't have experience........ The course s designed to have your message completed y the end of training. All 8 modules, are interactive course with a built in community, and monthly Q & A with me

What's in the course?

  • Module 1: A Speakers Mindset

  • Module 2: Your Mess, Your Message

  • Module 3: The F.I.R.E. Speaking Method 101

  • Module 4: The FI.R.E. Speaking Structure 

  • Module 5: Developing an Extraordinary  Delivery 

  • Module 6: Developing a Powerful Presentation

  • Module  7: Branding, Marketing, Sales for Speakers

  • Module 8: The Speaking Business

What's included?

  • 8 MODULES with everything you need to know about how to craft your message, develop a powerful Personal Brand  and get in the places you need to get paid to be yourself, ($3,497 value)

  • THE SCRIPTS I used to make connections with conference leaders

  • How to Create your SPEAKER REEL, PRESSKIT, and SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY ($397 value)

  • HANDS ON peer-to-peer practice sessions and personal feedback

  • Access to monthly FIRE Student Support Calls ($497 value)

  • My unique FIRE-CONNECT FORUMLA that gets clients to love and re-book me over and over again ($497 value)

  • The ONE THING I did to DOUBLE my revenue! ($297 value)

  • Private FACEBOOK GROUP-A supportive community of other F..I.R.E. Speakers  and Coaches like you who will share their wins and strategies so that we all set the world ABLAZE together ($797 value)

  • ...and all this will be accessible to you 24/7 with a user friendly online learning platform that you can go back and study.

  • An opportunity to become a Featured Speaker of The Her Fire Tour

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That's OVER $5,597 in Value! Retail value $1,997 

Sign UP NOW for ONLY $897 or

50%off if you are apart of The Fire Girl Network

& Learn How to Speak with FIRE!

All trainings are digital and you need a Trello Board account to access your course!

Please note, you now have the option to use the 4-interest free, BUY NOW, PAY LATER with 

Sezzle, Affirm and AfterPay  choose at checkout!

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"You can make MORE money in ONE speaking engagement, than the

cost of the ENTIRE training!"


There are trillions of people in the world that are dying, stuck and have no directions that need speakers such as yourself to inspire them and ignite their fire. I am so passionate of sharing my message of empowerment to women because I've been there. I was a single mom, raised my children on welfare for 2o years, struggle financially and lived with rejection most of my life. I have been overlooked, under estimated and been told I wasn't called to be what I am doing right now.  That's why I am on a mission to train 1 million women to Speak with F.I.R.EE and turn their mess into a Money Making Message. 

why I believe in this training?

The problem is.....the world is in need of the feminine leadership to RISE-UP and speak life into those who are dying in their mess.  People need your message, to hear your voice and feel the F.I.R.E. when you speak.

The speaking industry is growing and thriving right now. This is the best time to start and make an impact. Companies are hiring speakers, others are offering their platforms for new and upcoming speakers and speakers gigs are available left and right. 

This is where I come in. I'm going to share everything that I know to help you maximize and monetize your message so you can set the world on F.I.R.E. with your unique voice.



Please note, you now have the option to use the 4-interest free, BUY NOW, PAY LATER with

   Sezzle, Affirm and Afterpay  choose at checkout!

don't worry, you will have access to lifetime support

Because I know the struggle can be real, I am offering my lifetime support. I have a pool of RICH FRIENDS that have of 100 years experience combined in taxations laws, investment, real estate, finances, accountant, health and wellness. Anything you need to get your message out, create wealth and set the world on FIRE!


Please be advised there are NO REFUNDS please see policy page.

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