I cannot believe a little girl like me was to help other women become authors and I become a best-selling author myself. The one who could barely comprehend what she read and was bad at spelling words. Yes me, I finally realized, it was not what I could not do, more importantly, it was what I was capable of doing. "

It is my desire that through my books, you will be inspired and motivated that women would be better, live better, and do better. That they would be better wives, better mothers, better daughters, better businesswomen and show up better in the world.


"I leave my legacy in these books for generations to come"

This book is a GAME CHANGER for your life and business. This book anthology not only teaches you the laws of business but will show you how to start, run, and build a successful business for the 21-century woman. 

Video Coming Soon!

Please take your time and apply each law to your life and business. If you need support please reach out to one of the authors you feel most connected to. 

This is a book anthology of 12 women who wrote letters to their younger self. You will be inspired and motivated as you read each letter. This book is for all women who are looking to tap deeper within themselves as they related to our stories.

After you read this book, please share you story of victory with the next generation of young girls and women. Your story has a voice that needs to be heard. You can set a generation free with it.

Your Mess is your Message.

If you are that woman who have struggled with molestation, rape, low self-esteem, rejection, or any other trauma, this workbook is for you. There are 8 modules with 9 videos (links on the content page) that will walk you through step by step process of healing the inner child..

I also do a powerful live interactive coaching workshop with the workbook called, "Embracing your Femininity..

I believe sisterhood is necessary these days. This book anthology of 6 women was inspired by an idea to bring women together to empower one another. There are 12 laws and morals each author stands on in their life and business and we pass them on to you and the next generation of women who may struggle with uniting or empowering her sister.

Please take each law and apply them to your life. Then teach the laws to your daughters, sisters, neices and the next generation of young girls and women you come in contact with.


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