A  little girl, Big Dreams

I still cannot believe this little girl from the eastside of Detroit, MI overcame so many obstacles. I was the broken little girl who wanted love and acceptance. The girl who suffered from rejection and was molested by six different men from five years old to nineteen, ending with a date rape. I was the teenager that battled with suicide attempts and identity crisis.  The girl that had her first child at seventeen and by the age of twenty-two had three children by three different men. I was also the girl who in her mid-twenties became addicted to food, that resulted in being overweight my entire adult life. I was a woman with deep hidden issues and was dealt a hand in life that was out of my control, but I did the best I could with the knowledge I had at the time. 



A life of Purpose

After I reinvented myself, the journey of discovering my true purpose and finding inner healing needed to begin, for this next level of my life. I realized that other women needed to hear how my mess became my message and they needed someone to help them get over their mess and get their message to the world.  I begin to use my corporate experience to train women as life coaches and motivational speakers to empower others with their stories through AB Coaching Academy. With my message of "Take Ownership" of who you are, where you are, where you been, and where you are going, it has been my privilege to coach women into a greater awareness of their divine calling.   


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