EMBRACING YOUR                                            

A workshop for women to learn their true Power Source and break free from the bondage of abuse!


This workshop is to empower women in their true essence of womanhood. Regardless of where you are in life, femininity is a huge part of it. There is a power source every woman needs to produce the life she was called to. You will learn the tools necessary to get you unstuck and in position to achieve anything you want in life.

"A Woman is more Powerful when she is Feminine"


The embracing your femininity workshop was awesome; I had the right mindset but needed the tools which I received from Coach AB. I first attended the workshop from my church and wanted other women to experience what I did and invited her back for my birthday celebration. The tools she gave from the workbook helped me heal the inner child and have helped catapult my life into a more healed Queen of God. I Thank God for AB and the vision the Lord gave her for other women.

                                                                                                                                                                              -Treva Brown

I hosted the “Embracing Your Femininity Workshop ”  at my church, the women of my congregation was empower to received healing of the abused inner child. I have been pastoring eight years and I never knew that this workshop would help the little girl inside me receive her voice that was silent for many years. This workshop even helped my marriage. Now I am able to use her voice, never stay silent again and be the woman I was called to be in my business, ministry, and marriage. 


 -Pastor Angela Mczeke


  • So women can understand their true identity as a woman

  • To repair the broken images of what femininity mean and looks like

  • So women that have been abused receive the healing of the inner child

  • So women can learn how to live free and be in position to manifest their ideal life

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