It would be my pleasure to help you create an amazing Personal Brand!

WHAT IS A  PERSONAL BRAND & WHY IT'S  IMPORTANT?  A PERSONAL BRAND is basically  when you are the company and offer personal services. It's built upon your message and what compels consumers to be drawn to the products and services your company offers. Its your first impression with your audience!


A powerful and strong personal brand has three key components: Authenticity, Strong Beliefs, and a Compelling Story!

Building a profitable & influential personal brand requires exceptional graphic design! High quality graphic designs help to increase your brand’s visibility and it's important to have a great brand identity that accurately tells your story. That's where I come in to make sure your personal  brand bring clarity so it can reach its fullest potential. 

AB  Enterprise LLC offer several unique branding packages perfect for authors, coaches and speakers to get started to Dominate in  their Personal Brand to bring leverge and influence!



The Winner's Coach

Jolie 9_edited.png


The Focus Coach

Angela Sitting.png


The Innovative Coach



The Potential Coach

  • Retractable Banners

  • Table Runners

  • Speakers Sheet

  • Book Covers

  • And more.......


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