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The Queendom Diaries Book Collection is all 2 books, pgrogram & notebook collection. This collection is for that women who is ready to dive into powerful readings and coaching of healing her inner child. 


The QB book is a series of letters written by 12 women who wrote to their inner child of all the things they experienced. After each letter, a prayer to the Lord was written to give a voice to the pain.


The QD Transformational Coaching Workbook & Program was created as a guide to heal the inner child and set her free. You have 8 Modules and 9 videos  with activites, affirmations and teachings to provide a transformational experience. (1-on-1 Coaching is also available with AB)


1-The Queendom Diareis: Pages from the Diary of a Queen

1-The Queendom Diaries: Coaching Workbook

1-The Queendom Diaries Notebook (8.5x11)

1-The Queendom Diaries Journal (6x9)

1-The Queendom Diaries Pursebook (5x8)

The Queendom Diaries Book Collection

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