Are You Ready to Finally Step Into Your Greatness, Allow Purpose to Live Through You … and Start Dominating in Every Area of your Life that God has Called Your to?


The purpose life that you dream about isn’t just a possibility. 

It’s a choice.


And that choice is waiting for you … on the other side of

Taking Ownership

That’s right. Consistent, deliberate, purpose action is all that separates you from the life you’re meant to be living.


The life where you’ve surrendered fully to the Divine Assignment on your life and are living in your purpose in every moment.

You can’t just dream about your purpose life.

You can’t just wish for your purpose life.

You can’t just talk about your purpose life.

You have to take action to deliberately create your purpose life.

The more you take action, the easier and more natural it feels to continue taking action – and taking bigger, bolder, more extraordinary action.


That’s why I want to offer you a gift …I’ve created an amazing program – The “Take Ownership: 28 Day Coaching Program” – that helps you build your “action muscle” over the course of 28 days.

I’m so committed to your success that I’ve made this package an absolute no-brainer – and you can get started today for just $28

Here’s what’s included in this purpose-changing package:

28 daily videos and daily ownership action steps that will take you through the 4 dimensions that make up “you” … and take meaningful action to produce results in all 4 dimensions.


Each week, we’ll have a specific focus for us taking ownership together..


Week 1: Who you Are … getting clear on who you are, your identity and makeup.


Week 2: Where you Are … getting the understanding of why you are where you are in life. And having the clarity you need to to improve your life.


Week 3: Where you Been … We all have done and been in places that left us hurt and full of pain. Just know that those places can be mended and used for our good.


Week 4: Where you are Going … How do you create an abundant and fulfilling life? There’s nothing more exciting than planning for a bright future and preparing for success – it’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we deserve to dominate in every area of our life.


Each day, you’ll get a link to your daily video and ownership worksheet. For maximum convenience, you can watch the video lessons at home or at work, on your computer or tablet, or even over your mobile phone.

But that’s not all, you’ll also receive 2 more

valuable components:

  • 28 full-color, downloadable Ownership Journals … where you’ll record your insights, lessons, commitments and completed ownership steps throughout your 28-day journey.

  • Be apart of a Facebook community for support with other brave individuals who have taken ownership.

The “ Take Ownership”  28 Day Coaching Program can easily sell for $99. But I want to make this so simple during this time of quarantine that you’re able to jump right into ownership now!

That’s why you’ll get over 80% off, investing just $28 to get started today.

Join me on this 28-day journey, and you’ll discover:

  • Why taking 100% ownership is vital to achieving results not only in the “ Taking Ownership” 28 day coaching program … but also in every area of your life

  • How understanding the role each person in your life is supposed to play will improve the quality of your relationships – and ensure that you are supported and nurtured the way you need

  • What “ownership” really means … and powerful questions that will help you make the most of each day

  • The “trick” that’s been most impactful in creating the purpose life I’m living today – and that’s helping me create the life I’m moving toward

  • What to address today to rapidly increase your ease and peace of mind

  • The right way to handle situations, people and things that are causing you discomfort or irritation (because, no, you can’t simply cut them all out of your life)

  • How to select where you commit yourself to ensure you have enough to create your purpose life … and the surprising ways we get robbed of destiny.

  • And much more


Building the habit of taking daily ownership is integral to your success, to your ability to carry out your purpose, to create the purposeful life that’s out there waiting for you. Take your first action now to create your purpose life. Click the button below, and step onto my virtual campus by enrolling in “28 Days of Taking Ownership” now for just $28.

Your Coach AB

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