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Project Incudes:

  • 1,000 Word Chapter
  • 7 Page Workbook Chapter
  • Flyer
  • Book Mark Design
  • 11x17 Table Top Banner Design
  • Photo Front Book Cover
  • Editing & Formatting
  • 1-Strategy & Writing Coaching Session to Monetize Chapter
  • Magazine Feature 1-Page
  • Speak at the Her Fire Tour: at The Feminine Woman Experience & Book Release November 9th, 2024  in Charlotte
  • ONLY $797 Paid in Full or a $100 deposit with 4 monthly payments of $200


You will be added to FB Group where all details and updates will be within 24-48 hours of payment!


Please note all payments and deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERRABLE

Fire Girl Code Conduct: 12 Laws of Womanhood!


Thank you for being apart of The Fire Girl Code of Conduct Book Anthology. This is the 5th anthology publicaiton through AB Enterprise LLC and we thank you for trusitng us to help push your Brand and being apart of your publishing needs. We don't take it lightly. We will do everything to ensure your brand is being highlighted at it's best during this process. Because we believe in our Brand, we believe in your Brand.

By signing up for this project you agree that:

Contractual Agreement

  • Each contributing author will retain 100% rights to her story
  • AB Enterprise LLC will retain 100% rights to the anthology
  • Each contributing author will retain 100% royalties for all books sold on their own websites, book signings, live events, etc.
  • AB Enterprise LLC will retain 100% of all royalties sold directly on Amazon, Kindle, and other online retailers, through AB Enterprise LLC and Angela N. Brand, books live events, book signing and websites.
  • Each author is responsible for purchasing additional copies at $6 each and sell their books on their website at $24.99. Workbooks are $10 and you will sell them for $29.99
  • AB Enterprise LLC will edit, format, create cover, and publish anthology
  • Each contributing author is required to be apart of all conference calls and zoom video meetings to keep up with the latest details and/or changes.
  • Each contributing author will submit 1 personalize quote, a 1,000 word count and a 100 word bio.
  • Each author is required to promote and market the book and  have a platform to sell books.
  • Each author will be highlighted on all social media platforms.
  • Each contributing author will come directly to AB Enterprsie LLC or Angela N. Brand with any concerns with the publishing process and/or questions.
  • Each contributing author must respect the likes of AB Enterprise LLC and Angela N. Brand as the vehicle to help you birth your story and Brand through this project by keeping the intergity of their brand.
  • Any disagreeements with the publication process must be handle within the likes of that author and/or AB Enterprsie LLC and Angela N. Brand.
  • Please respect the intergity of AB Enterprise LLC, and/or Angela N. Brand by not sharing details of the publication process including all agreements.
  • Each speaker have the option to get a vendor table at the launch

Financial Obligations

It's ONLY $797 Paid in Full or a $100 deposit with 4 monthly payments of $200 financial obligation to contribute to the anthology. However, once monies are submitted, no refunds no expections. If you dropped out for whatever reason, that will forfeit any monies paid. If you are late with you chapter, you will be forfeited with no refund.

Each payment will start on the 1st of the month after your deposit is made.

You wll be invoiced for payments. ALL lates payments will have a $50 Fee added to invoices.


  • Each contributing author will submit their chapter and will not be in control of the editing process.
  • AB Enterpise LLC has full control of the editing process and will make changes if necessary to fit the vision of the book.
  • Please allow 120-180 days for the editing process after all chapters are submitted.
  • AB Enterprise LLC will have full control of the formatting of the book. Which including the order of the chapters. 
  • After chapters are submitted, contributing authors will not be able to add and change anything to the laws.


Each author's chapter is due no later than Aug1, 2024 (no exceptions). Any edits made to the chapter will be approved by both AB Enterprise LLC. and the author, but final approval will be with AB Enterprise LLC before publishing.

Book is due to launch at the Her Fire Tour: Feminine Woman Experience Nov 9th in Charlotte

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