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who is the girl on fire?



I work with purpose minded women who are ready to transform their mind, boost their confidence, put some structure to her life and business. 

I will help you to RISE UP from the dead places by

igniting her fire!


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If you're that women who is tired of being average and struggle with the not enough syndrome that ends now. You deserve the breakthrough you been praying for. You need something more – help with your greater purpose, help with creating your business framework around that purpose, help believing that you were created to be rich. Let me Ignite your Fire.

I am Angela Brand, The Master Fire Trainer. Women CEO's and entrepreneurs invest with me because they  want to turn their mess into a money making message and earn six to seven figures. They hire me when they...............


Know that it is more to their life and ready to explore more or other possibilities.

Are ready to Show Up in life and Take Ownership and reclaim their life after setbacks.

Are tired of being talented but frustrated, gifted but, broke and want their gifts to make room for them.

Are ready to build a powerful personal brand that will attract their ideal client.

Know it's time to move forward in purpose and is ready to invest in their greatness.

Are ready to start their coaching and speaking business. Build products, services and coaching programs, structure their business.

  • You know you were born to be RICH  and a Trailblazer making a path for others to follow

  • You are tired of just being and doing the average things and ready to break the back of poverty

  • You have a FIRE inside you that is waiting to burst in flames so you can shine so bright that is illuminate the dark places in the world


why are you here right now......

1-on-1 Discover Her FIRE Strategy Session

Are you a FIRE Girl that know it's more in her and need a FIRE Master to bring clarity and understanding to her life and business? You know there are God has been dealing with you to level up and get serious about her purpose? If so, this strategy session will fuel your fire and bring things together for you to stop the confusion and procrastination.  

The Discover Her FIRE Strategy Session will lay the foundation to bring all your ideas to life. We will work on a strategy and execution plan to get your business on track and producing profits and attract higher paying clients. We will also work through any road blocks, limiting beliefs and no productive activity to get you in position to get more opportunities and exposure. We will work to generate a six-figures business plan and discover more ways for income.  

Her FIRE Stratgey Session

1 on 1 Create Her Fire Girl Brand 

Are you ready to build a powerful personal brand that is rich and dynamic that will attract your ideal clients and build the influence in your industry. You have tried to build your brand on your own, but know there is something missing, you are not clear on what you are doing and need an expert to get you right. You need a personal brand that will take your business to the next level and produce the results you want. 

With my powerful branding quiz, we will work to build a clear, concise and converting personal brand that will highlight your greatness, show you (USP) Unique Selling Point, give you marketing strategies to build your tribe that will buy your products and services.

Partner with me 1 on 1 to Create-Her Fire Brand, make you more attractive by discovering your Feminine Brand type and position you to have leverage and influence.

Her Bougie Brand



Are you new to speaking or just need some extra FIRE to push you to the next level of success in your speaking business.  Do you desire to "OWN IT" when you hit the stage and have your audience wanting more of you. You have a desire to impact lives and expand your reach. You need the FIRE to be ignited within so you can speak powerfully and have the confidence to add value to your listeners. Whether doing a FB Live, YouTube videos, virtual talks or live events. 

With weekly FIRE sessions, we will build your confidence for a dynamic delivery, unlock mental blocks, work through limiting beliefs and build your USP (Unique Selling Point), with simple strategies that will advance you into Igniting Her FIRE!

Let's partner to Create-Her Extraordinary speaking talk, unlock your potential and scale your business so you can tap into the success you know you deserve to impact your audience on a greater level.

Her FIRE Speakers Coaching



Are you a RICH Bougie Girl in the making that know Her Riches is waiting on her to tap into. You know there are rich ideas within you that are waiting to break forth. Do you need help with creating a transformational coaching framework for your clients. 

The Her RICHES Business Blueprint lays the foundation for clear and predictable results. We will work on a business model, framework, CRM, create customer forms and price structure for your products and services that will generate six-figures and more in your business. We will map out a plan of action for each quarter that is broken down into 90 day easily steps to follow, and a clear method to generate results.

Her RICHES Business Blusprint
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