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The Fire Girl Gratitude Journal is for women who are ready to live their life on fire though gratitude. Sometimes we get consumed with life and complain about what we don't have, who are not there for us or all the things that go wrong.


In the meantime, thining we are postivie when all along our vibration is low. This journal is a great tool to show you the power of the repetition of using expression of gratitude on a daily basis.


This is the formula I use in my personal life and now I share it with the world. Use this journal as a simple manifestation framework to shift your energy to attract what you want.


My prayingis  that every woman who interact and do the activities will be inspired and empowered to move in her new place of fire to set this world ABLAZE through gratitude!

The Fire Girl Gratitude Journal


There are no refunds on any products or services.

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