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The World's #1 Empowerment Speaker

Empowering & Equipping Women 

with the tools they need to turn their

Mess into a Message!

Angela Brand a.k.a., ”The Girl on Fire”, is the world’s #1 empowerment speaker, best-selling author, personal branding development coach for women, and a master trainer. She is committed and passionate to equipping women authors, coaches and speakers with the tools to fiercely share their mess as their message, find their voice and become an authority in their field. AB provides niche speakers training for entrepreneurial spiritual-minded women who are ready to effectively and powerfully share their message to compel, inspire and empower audiences all over the world. Whether the message is being shared in pulpit, at a conference, in an interview, podcast or on a stage, AB believes that every message has the power to shift paradigms and create a new way of life. She also shows them how build a everlasting personal brand, capitalize from the story and build a six figure coaching and speaking business all by being themselves.

Meet Angela Brand


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Angela is a highly requested keynote, trainer and workshop speaker in areas of women empowerment, purpose, success, personal branding, personal and entrepreneurial development.


Angela operates in a superpower of creativity helping individuals build a powerful personal brand, with strategies and outside the box ideas to help them stand out and be seen in a fierce feminine way.


Angela is determined to assist her clients with restoring their personal credit as they build their business and create

 their legacy. 


AB is gifted at helping individuals discover themselves in a deeper way to better serve their clients and show up more powerfully.


AB will assist you with tools to help you develop your gifts and talents to create an income and legacy.


AB knows what it takes to assist you with the knowledge and skills to help you dominate in every area of your life.

Coach AB provides life coaching and motivational speakers training to aspiring, new and evolving women authors, coaches and speakers, while helping build their confidence to share their mess as their message and show up in a powerful, authentic, feminine and fierce way. 

AB's Signature Messages:

  • How to Turn Your Mess into a Message

  • Tapping Into Your SuperPower as a Woman w/Vision

  • Embracing your Femininity (Workshop)

  • How to Get to the Next Level: 4 Dimensions of Building a Personal Brand

  • Shifting your Paradigm while Developing the Success Mindset

Coach AB, want to help you Take Ownership and start Dominating in every area of your life.  She want to be the coach that helps you shift your Paradigm and the way you do life. Stop sitting around allowing life to happen to you, and YOU start happening to life.

Other Ways to Dominate with Coach AB:



Personal Growth &



Speaking &

Coaching Training & Development


#QueendomTakeOver Tour 2020 

Resuming Soon!

QTT is where women can get empowered, connect, grow, and be celebrated while getting the essentials tools and training they need to walk in their purpose. 



"Angela is a powerful and dynamic speaker who inspires each of us to turn our mess into our message.  Angela motivates her audience to reflect on who they are, who they want to become and the importance of their story as the catalyst for life transformation."

Sharla Brown

 Philanthropist/Social Entrepreneur

Motivatioal Speaker

Founder of One Woman & One Girl

"Angela Brand blessed The Rise Of a Confident Woman 2018 as an ADvantage Panelist! She showed up fierce and on fire!! She allowed God to freely use her testimony of overcoming a painful past to pursuing a promising future! She exhibited grace, class, compassion, and proclaimed freedom to those who were bound."

Shannon McCrea

Pastor/Certified Life Coach

 Motivatioal Speaker

Founder of Enpowered to Inspire

"If I can describe Angela Brand in 2 words, it would be BRAND MIDWIFE.. We both speakers at an event. She really ACTIVATED me to the degree that I was able to give birth to my next book, coaching session and Women's Conference. Angela is amazing and her spirit is one like no other. Thank you so much for being who you are."

Brandi Nichole

Speaker/Branding Image Coach

Founder of Bee Chic Image Styling Agency, LLC

 "AB spoke at my event and it was truly a blessing. She spoke with such transparency and demonstration that literally shifted our mindsets to live out your true purpose while you are here on the earth! I love the part where she always reminded us to know who we are, where we are going and take ownership of who we were created to be!"

Angela Mczeke

PastorCertified Life Coach/Motivatioal Speaker

Founder of Innovative Coaching



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